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Best Staples for Your Closet

It is really easy to shop these days - constant sales for every holiday, apps for every store, influencer marketing has taken off and there are nonstop advertisements every where you look. This year I have been way less active on the blog and part of it is because I am frankly exhausted... by the nonstop product pushing, the saturation of the market and by life in general. It has been a long year for my day job as well working more hours than ever before, so all of that has caused me slow down on the blog. It's also felt a bit off-color talk about such things with such frivolity when there are so many real issues in the world.

This year I have also made a more conscious effort than ever to truly buy things I love and know I'll love for a long time. Did I still shop the Nordstrom Sale - yes; Do I still stop fairly often, sure - but it has all been much more intentional and far less/things I need! I have gotten rid of and sold SO MUCH (and there will be a different post coming about that). Now if I am on the fence about an item, I don't get it or I return it asap - even if it is a good deal. I've never been one to love fast-fashion or trends anyway, but I did tend to buy more quantity of lower quality for the most part. Don't get me wrong, not all items are splurges by any means, and I strongly value mixing high and low and still shop at places like Zara and H&M! I just don't buy "trendy" pieces from there though and treat it as fast fashion.

I've rounded up some of my absolute favorite things I've invested in that are worth it and broke down what areas I usually splurge and save on below - based on my life/style and location of course. There are price ranges I usually stick to for each of items in the Splurge and Save categories along with the places/brands I usually purchase from. My rules of thumb are generally: can I dress it up or down? Is it a type of item I wear often? Is it a neutral color? If it checks those boxes and I don't already have an item like it, it's worth the splurge if it's long-lasting, high-quality to me.

Closet Splurge Investment Pieces

Splurge Items:

Denim Shorts & Pants ($125-$230) AG, Agolde, Levi's, BLANKNYC, Paige

Denim Cutoffs

Black Denim

Cropped Destroyed Denim

Boots ($100-$200) Chinese Laundry, Sam Edelman, Sperry, Blondo

Black Booties

Rain Boots

Brown Boots

Neutral Sandals & Flats ($100-$250) Tory Burch



Neutral Sweaters ($100-$150) Barefoot Dreams

Gray Sweater

Tan Sweater

Bras/Underwear ($40-$75) True&Co, Natori, Madewell

Nude Bralette


Sunglasses/Glasses ($200-350) Gucci


Winter Coats ($150-$250)

Long Down Coat

Loungewear ($50-$125) Barefoot Dreams, Nordstrom - Make + Model, Topshop


Lounge Pants

Handbags/Wallets ($200-$1,000) Tory Burch, Gucci (also love YSL/Prada but don't own any)

Black Cross Body

Tan Cross Body

Black Wallet

Save Items:

Tops (under $40) Zara, H&M, Nordstrom - BP, Leith, Madewell, Something Navy, Topshop

Most dresses (under $70) H&M, Nordstrom

Swimwear/Coverups (under $75) - I never like any so I don't spend a ton/change constantly

Heels/Colorful or Patterned Shoes (under $50 usually) Target, Zara, Steve Madden

Non-Denim Bottoms (under $75) TJMaxx, Zara, H&M, NordstromRack

Leggings (under $35) Express

Jewelry (under $40) Target - Sugarfix, BaubleBar, The Shiny Mix

Light Jackets/Coats (under $125) Zara, H&M, J.crew, J.crew Factory, Michael Kors

Hats (under $40) Nordstrom - BP, Target

Other Shorts and Denim- Zara, Nordstrom - BP, Articles of Society

Skirts (under $70) Zara, Nordstrom

Pajamas (under $40) Target, Nordstrom - Nordstrom Lingerie

It's important to stress that I don't buy all of these things at once and it is a process when investing in any quality, more expensive pieces. Also keep in mind, I don't work in an office, so work wear is not something I invest in and instead loungewear is of higher priority to me! My style also casual-chic and pretty neutral for basics. When I wear something trendy, colorful or patterned, it's usually not an investment piece - I stick to basics for that. I also live in Ohio, so we have all 4 seasons and I purchase things that carry over between them. I'm not a brand snob when it comes to most things/clothes/shoes but will fully admit I am when it comes to handbags, sunglasses and skin care and therefore have far less of those items but still stick to the general rules thumb above!


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