Maine & Boston Summer Vacation

Last month, we took much needed vacation up to New England and I fell in love. Neither of us had ever been, but given everything I knew about it, I knew I would immediately want to live there... I was right. I love crisp weather, the Atlantic coast, fresh seafood and everything else it has to offer. Sign me right up for spending my days gardening in linen pants and floppy hats with 12 dogs at my home on the coastline cliffs while it's 70* with fresh seafood to eat ... yes, please - what a dream. Add in the proximity to NY, the fall foliage and the gorgeous architecture and I would pack my bags tomorrow.

This trip was peaceful, relaxing, easy and I would recommend it in a heart beat. We flew into Boston, rented a car, drove through Massachusetts, New Hampshire and into Main to Kittery, Newbury and Ogunquit (about an hour total drive) and stayed in Maine for 3 nights before driving back to Boston for another 2 nights. We stayed at the Cliff House Maine and it did not disappoint!

There were tons of Adirondack chairs with a fire pit (and you can use these glorious LL Bean blankets at night when it's chilly), scores supplies, 2 pools, a hot tub (all facing the ocean cliffs), string lights- which are my favorite thing ever AND they had a spa, gym, 3 restaurants and so many cozy nooks to hang out in. One of my favorite things was that they include robes, slippers, mugs and a carafe for water, tea and coffee - they have stations on each floor and it is perfect for the first and last parts of the day.

Our room view - we did the partial coastline and it was dreamy.

I did get a facial at the spa and it was the best one I have ever had. They were pretty booked so I didn't get to try anything else, but that was divine.

The 3 restaurants there are The Tiller (nicer, breakfast lunch & dinner, has a bar and cliff views), Bald Head Coffee, and Nubbs Seafood Shack, which had the best butter lobster rolls ever.

The only thing that got me to leave was knowing we were driving back in to Boston to stay for a couple days. And the fact that I had a work call and we did not have service for calls here (which was actually delightful and needed as well).

On our drive, we stopped in Newbury and went to Bob Lobster to consume even more lobster and clam chowder... as one does in Maine.

We were very close to Ogunquit where they had a cute foot bridge, sail boats, shops, restaurants and... even more lobster!

BTW, we now know how to properly break down a whole lobster like the professional eaters we are. I am still not keen on cooking them live though. We actually met this poor guy before he became lunch :(

When we got back to Boston, it was raining and off, but we took the train and walked all over the city and had to catch a game at Fenway. They actually sell chowder in the stands like hot dogs and I really like that enthusiasm!

This picture turned out pretty good and is the only one we took! This was post drive, rain, train, art museum and wandering so I'll take it!

We stayed pretty closet their Little Italy area and there is a bakery battle between Mike's and Modern on who has the best cannoli and we opted for Modern (we were told by Bostonians that it was the one to try). I won't lie, I've had better but I am particular about my cannoli anyway.

Now this pizza was delish!

The art museum was great and happened to have a Parisian exhibit

And said exhibit just happened to have a giant map of Paris and the exact spot we got married <3 that red corner of Rue de Rivoli & Rue de Castiglione!

We wandered back to Limoncello to have some of the best food. And visited the Paul Revere house.

We stayed in the Long Wharf area right on Boston Harbor at the Marriott and visited the little spots along the water and the Boston Tea Party Museum.

All in all, a great trip! Especially great to take when it's blazing hot in the rest of the US. There was history, great food, activities to do, the ocean, a pretty and walkable area and was one of the best times. Next time, we'll have to check out the Nantucket, Newport, Martha's Vineyard areas, but they're a little trickier since they're islands. Doesn't matter where though, it's all delightful.


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