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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

This is one of my favorite times of the year - the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I love shopping it (Fall clothes are my favorite) and getting discounts on all the upcoming Fall season items before they release for the season. If you want early access, you have until July 10th to sign up for a card.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sales

This year, I won't lie, I am super disappointed in their sale time. It is now July 12th at 12pm ET for early access (aka Nordstrom Card holders). USUALLY it's at 12am PT (3am ET) so I like to wake up early, shop the site before it starts crashing and everyone wakes up, order some stuff for store pick up and then meander to the store when it opens to browse there. I took the day off the make a thing of it even and to not rush this year! Granted, I also have plans later that afternoon, so that was part of the reason for the day of but come on - so disappointing. Now card holders will have to choose between site and store, so that doesn't make much business sense to me, but it is what it is.

On that note, there will also be no blog posts up with my picks because of this time issue. Usually the time between shopping online and the store opening, I can round up some favorites so it's easier for everyone else since items sell out quickly. Now that I have to choose between online and in store that day and only have 2 hours to shop (presumably while the site is crashing), there is no time for it :( - I am really bummed, you guys.

Don't let my disappointment bring you down though, it's still a great sale, and I'm here to give you the scoop! This sale is for all upcoming Fall items that go on sale AHEAD of season instead of end of season. Fall is my favorite (and winter!) so this sale really kicks that season off for me. Nordstrom card holders can shop the sale early, from July 12 - 18 and it's open to the public starting July 19th. A lot sells out and not everything is restocked but some is - and if you watch it, once returns roll in, a lot comes back in stock.

This sale includes, shoes, some luxury, kids, mens, womens, beauty and home items so it's all-inclusive! Shipping is usually a bit delayed, but well worth it. Because I can't do any posts until after the sale starts, I have linked my older ones from 2018 Sale Guide, 2018 Hits & Misses, 2018 Catalog Picks, 2018 purchases, 2018 home picks, 2018 accessories picks and 2017 Sale I and 2017 Sale II.

Then best things to plan to during this sale are loungewear, sweaters, boots and booties and coats! I aways end up mostly with those items - the occasional pair flats, handbag or random beauty/candle type items, but I am here for the sweaters! Even Barefoot Dreams is on sale during this.


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