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At the end of the year, I was determined to finish this house as much as possible so that for 2019 the only things left to renovate are the stair banister and the master bathroom (not counting finishing the basement because that is years out). That said, my closet was next on the list after the kitchen! And equally as anticipated by me!!

Let's start with a peek at my favorite part:

Alright Alright some before first might help! So there are two closets in the master bedroom because it's split by a hallway to the bathroom. When we moved in, I offered Dustin one of the closets in the master AND the main office on our first floor if I could have one of the guest rooms to turn into a full cloffice (closet and office combo) and he said no. So that means, the downstairs office is mine as are the master closets in our bedroom and he has an office and it has a walk in closet where all of his stuff is!

This is the hall I am referring to - the two side doors are the closets. Left side is the main hanging closet and the right side is the accessory closet (shoes, bags, scarfs, dresser etc.).

Starting with the left side hanging closet - here are some before pictures:

Basically just a lot of stuff - everywhere. And one shelf fell down when we moved in because I put a box on it that was too heavy. And my bags were on the floor... in a pile.

I ripped out the wire shelves, patched the holes, sanded them and painted the walls a fresh coat of white. Then California Closets come and did the install. We'll talk more process later.

I switched the hangers so they are velvet and all matching - so much better than plastic because your clothes don't slide off of these kind! Since this, I have cleaned it out again so there is a little bit less! This back area is a little tight, but the closet is an odd shape.

Now let's move over to the before on the right side closet:

Again- Just a lot of stuff in an unorganized manner with my shoes on the floor overflowing and with all my pants folded in stacks and wrinkling.

Here is the post-installation version of the right side closet:

So much cleaner and brighter! They shipped me all white baskets after the fact as well, but I am supposed to have gold ones once they get them in. As for the dresser, that was a separate purchase I made and ordered it based off the measurements needed and then swapped out the handles for ones that fit the style.

Here are my favorites - the after of the right side closet!

I have added a rug since this too!

I added a garment valet rod that slides out so you can outfit plan or to use it to hang clothes while steaming them.

I added this handy belt rod as well that has the sliding capability too.

My favorite! The shoe wall and all my shoes and bags off the floor and no longer in a pile!

I ordered clear acrylic dividers to slide on to separate bags.

All of these shelves are moveable for varying shoe height. I did order 4 more shelves and add them in since this as well.

I added a mirror for some light reflection and got this pretty snake pattern box for sunglass storage.

Viola! That is a tour of my closet and I could not be happier with how it turned out. Now I'll tell you about how easy it was. Since we had just finished the kitchen (literally started these within 2 days of each other), we did not want to do the closet ourselves (renovations can take a toll - especially during the busiest time for both our jobs and the holidays). So this and the hardwood floors are the only things we did not personally do.

My original plan was to do this with Ikea and use the Pax system and Billy bookcases. I think that would've been more custom and that I would've loved it, but we didn't have the energy for it and this ended up probably costing the same. Although, those are floor to ceiling and mine are not - for that option, it would've been double the cost!

I went through California Closets and it was SO EASY and delightful. This isn't sponsored and I received nothing from them I just really loved the process. I set up a consultation and a designer came to my house. She took tons of measurements, inventoried what I had and asked what I wanted. Then a week later, I went to the studio to pick finishes, review the design and make any changes. We had some tweaks but overall, it was what I had imagined! She ordered it all and I set up an installation date. ONE GUY did all of this! He carried it all in, installed with with zero mess and nearly no noise and it took like 6 hours. So much easier than piecing together Ikea items, hauling them home, praying we measured correctly and spending 3439 hours putting it together.

It's all hung based on rods attached to studs and it's so easy to clean, looks fresh and clean and all happened with relatively no work or stress for me. I opted to do the shelf removal and painting myself, but you can have them do that as well. Even for a smaller closet, I think this was totally worth it if you want wood and built-ins. Ikea's Pax system is great if you have the energy and their Algot system is great too for smaller spaces (we used that in our pantry. In our apartment before this house, it had the Container Store's Elfa system, which was alright also but not for this scale (it's wire).

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