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The Coziest Loungewear & Jammies

Snuggle season is here, y'all! The best time of year if you ask me. I live to wear soft cozy clothes with blankets and a fire roaring. Since I work remotely for my 9-5 (more like 24/7), I have acquired an extensive loungewear collection and it is truly life changing to have great comfy clothes. I have quite a bit, but I have narrowed down my absolute favorites that I find myself wearing every time if possible!


thermal pajamas

Thermal Set: These are festive but also can be layered for extra warmth if needed

shorts pajama set

Shorts set: These are my favorite for actually sleeping. I only like sleeping in shorts and short sleeves and this set is reasonably priced, soft and had like 5 pattern and color options so I got them all! worth it.

pajama set

Pajama Set: This set is basically the upgraded version of the previous one. I got it during the anniversary sale and truly like them both. These are a little comfier and higher quality but also more expensive.

candy cane pajama set

Striped Lounge Set: I feel in love with these because they were so cute but they are also incredibly soft and comfortable.


cozy cardigan

Cozy Cardigan: super soft, runs large and is pricey but worth it. I wear it over pajamas before bed since it's winter and cold!

fleece pullover

Fleece Pullover: This fleece is so soft and oversized and perfect to just through on - I have it in 4 colors and have no regrets.

basic tee

Basic Tee: These tees can be dressed up with jeans for a casual look too, but I like them for lounging at home as well.

camo crew neck sweatshirt

Camo Crew Neck: I love a crew neck. I got this in the light camo version and couldn't find it online, but this is cute too. It's fleecey on the inside and extra soft.


lounge pants

Boyfriend Lounge Pants: I got these during the anniversary sale and they are so soft, so stretchy and so delightfully loungey. They're a bit oversized on me but are still cute and go with everything.

chenille leggings

Chenille Leggings: These are more like form-fitting sweatpants than leggings to me, but they are chenille and so so good!

black leggings

Black Leggings: so basic and can be worn to lounge or as actual clothes (what?!). These are butter soft and my hands down favorite leggings ever. They're so stretchy!


Joggers: These are a good basic. They have a few colors, fit well and are reasonable. Nothing special or out of this world, but still one of my favorites.

lounge shorts

Lounge Shorts: I had a like this for so long they become so thin I ripped a hole in them, so it was time to replace and boy were these an upgrade. Like butter.


ugg slipper

UGG Slippers: I have these in the plain brown color and love them and these are even cuter!

cozy socks

Cozy Socks: Not slippers per se but just as cozy and I love them!


Open Toe Slide Slippers: In the winter, these are good with socks; in the summer, they're just cozy enough without overheating you so I like that they're versatile.

smoking slipper

Loafer Slippers: I like these because they are backed so they're like really cozy shoes. I love slippers and wear them constantly since we have hard wood floors, so I have a little variety going on!


faux fur sleeping bag

Faux Fur Slipping Bag: This is the only thing on this post that I do not own (candidly because I have no need lol) BUT I absolutely love it. Perfect for kids for sleepovers or if you watch movies in a sea of blankets on the floor, camp often etc.!


Cozy Robe: a must! I have this faux fur one that is perfectly plush and warm post-shower!

I have a lot of loungewear and some from other stores too but mostly Nordstrom, Express, Target and the occassional item from Victoria's Secret, Old Navy or TJ Maxx (those latter three are not usually my favorites though).


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