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YOU GUYS THIS IS IT! My most anticipated renovation of this whole house (and the master bathroom). The room I hated the most! If you would have told me when we bought it that it would take almost 2 years for us to get to it, I probably wouldn't have purchased the house haha! When we moved in, I purposely didn't organize anything nicely in this room because I figured I'd spend the time and money on it once we redid it- not knowing how much longer that would be.


HERE IS THE BEFORE (before we moved in)!

We immediately switched the dishwasher and microwave along with the light fixtures. We also swapped out the sink and faucet and ripped out the tile and put in hardwood. We did also renovate the pantry and closet off the bat (and the laundry room back there down that hall!) So we did a lot when we moved in, but the backsplash and cabinets made all the difference.

This was the before when we started the formal renovation!

Looking at this tile backsplash just makes me sad I hated it so much and the people who installed it used the stickiest substance on earth. I had to hold a blow dryer to it while Dustin pried off each piece! It took all ofeternity and was ripping holes in the walls before using the blow dryer to heat up the glue.

We installed beverage and wine fridges and it was the best decision ever. We also swapped out these new cabinets from the terrible drawers that were there before.

A before of the bar area!

And the coffee bar! I don't have a before of this, but it was the same as every where else!

First reno day!

A huge difference with the backsplash gone and the bases painted!

Rudy rushes to sit and pose like this in any picture of any room that I take lol he is the cutest.

Dustin set up a workshop in the basement. He removed all the doors, sanded the bases and the doors, painted them all with 2 coats after priming them and then reinstalled them all with soft-close hinges and hardware. He is the best!

As I mentioned, we did this when we first moved it and used the Ikea Algot system!

I was the cleaner and organizer on the project and emptied all the cabinets, went through and purged everything, replaced what was needed, cleaned, scraped paint, vacuumed and put it allllll back in in a much more organized manner for each area.

This drawer is my happy place.

There are many more drawers and organizational items, but these are my favorites!

Last before! This was before we lived here. We since changed the curtain rods and curtains, changed the floor to hardwood and the vent cover and added a rug. We still need to swap out the door for a French door and still need to get a table for it, so I don't have a finished after yet. I cannot find a table that I like for this spot!

In case you're down for a kitchen renovation, I have a suggestion- do it yourself. We did and it was SO much cheaper. But only do it if you're good at painting and have a lot of patience - emphasis on the patience. The tile work and grout was Dustin's least favorite part. I was on the floor with a wet rag and vacuum the whole time sucking up all the dropped grout so it didn't stick to the floor etc. There was lot of tile dust. It was messy and terrible and it sucked really bad during it, but the end result was worth it.

There are links to everything because who doesn't need more organization inspiration in their life. I have a lot more organizers and appliances I love, but I didn't want the list to be that long, so if you are in the market for a particular item, I am happy to share my thoughts on what we've had!

Backsplash Tile

Cabinet Primer - Enamel Underbody Primer

Cabinet Paint - Advance Paint Satin



Curtain Rods

Tea Organization

Silverware Organization

Coffee Organization

Spice jars

Spice Drawer Insert

Knife Storage

Marble Tray



Pantry System

Kitchen Aid



Sink Grate


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