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The Best Life Planner

Have you heard of Erin Condren? If you like lists and organization, you must check out her items! I live by my planner and if something isn't written down, it does not exist to me lol. Lists on paper, my outlook calendar, notepad on my iPhone and good ol planners are the key to my success and sanity.

The first time I discovered her stuff was a while back through other bloggers and then when I got engaged, my best friend sent me the wedding planning version!

erin condren life planner

There are a variety of planner options and accessories. I have The Life Planner version in "In Bloom" linked here - mine is the horizontal, neutral, with the gold coil and I customized it with the blog name on the front! It is pricey, but it is so totally worth it for me because I use it daily. If you're not as thorough or unsure if you will really use it, then baby steps and don't dive in with such a dramatic one! Sugarpaper has cute ones at better prices and I always see cuties at Target too.

What I love about this is all the pages it includes - the obvious of days of the week. I prefer horizontal so I have room to write! It also has monthly pages, inspirational quotes, year view, pages for notes, a little folder, goal setting pages and even comes with some stickers, but more on that later. It comes with a little slide closing pouch filled with goodies, too!

erin condren life planner

On my monthly pages, I use them to write everything I was grateful for that month and the things I really enjoyed. I do it as it happens so if there is a particularly rough or long week, I can look back at it and instantly remember!

erin condren life planner

While ordering my planner, I added a few extras because there was a sale. I got these colorful dual-tip markers to write with, this pen holder and this winter holiday sticker pack.

erin condren life planner

Michael's has the best sticker books hands down. There are so many options and they are so so so cute and honestly so fun. The books I have are: Memory Planning, Choose Happy, Seasonal and Planner Basics and then some random ones from Target as well. Michael's will have these on sale for 40% off on occasion, so I'd wait until then!

erin condren life planner

I store all my goods in this adorable Kate Spade New York nesting box I found at TJ Maxx for around $12. I couldn't find it online, but my store still has them. I did find the whole trio on the website in the ikat pattern.

One of my favorite things is buying a new planner at the end of the year and starting the year out neat and organized.



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