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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review

I made the plunge. After resisting for a few months, I cracked and bit the bullet and splurged on the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. I did manage to snag it during the Sephora Rough sale so it was discounted at least! I would suggest doing the same if you are looking to purchase it. It is always returnable as well if it doesn't work for you.

dyson and oaui

So there are a few options of packages and colors and I got the Blown a Ouai Noir Set that came with these extra Ouai products - Leave in conditioner, texturizing spray, rose oil and memory mist.

dyson supersonic dryer

The dryer comes with magnetic attachments for styling, concentration and a diffuser for waves and curls. It also has a really easy to clean filter on the bottom that locks in.

dyson supersonic dryer

The dryer I purchased is in the Black/Nickel option. The package without the Ouai goodies has more color options, but they were the same price and I wanted this color anyway so it made sense. The actual dyson site and other stores like Nordstrom have even more color options. I believe the other ones also come with a sleek case and mine did not, which I kind of want but oh well.

dyson supersonic dryer

The dryer has a power slide button and a cool blast button. The buttons the top are for for the heat level and the fan level - 3 options for each! I tend to favor the middle on both. You can also buy a magnetic stand for it to keep on the counter.

dyson supersonic dryer

The dryer is made for any hair type and is supposed to be ultra fast drying and prevents heat damage and increases shine. It prevents extreme heat and the motor is in the handle instead. The attachments don't get warm either for close styling without damage. My favorite - it has negative ions to fight frizz and static! I love ionic blow dryers - Im not very static-y but I am a frizz ball. My hair is long, thick, quite wavy and takes forever to dry. So long that I skip it all the time and then look terrible the next day because if I don't blow dry it, there is no going back trying to style it.

So what did I think?

So far so good! It is more quiet than most hair dryers and has a super long cord. It's filter is really easy to clean. I loooove the magnetic attachments! It's easy to use. I do like that it has multiple settings for fan strength and heat level plus the cool button. I think it cut down on my hair drying time for sure - it took ~10-12 minutes fresh out of the shower and towel-dried. That may sound like a lot, but it's at least 10 minutes less than usual!

My favorite thing about it - aside from how sleek and easy to use it is, it dries my hair way less poufy! Even if I don't style it after, it looks a lot better than my previous dryer. It also dried it easier/better when I left it to air dry half way and then blew it out. I also love that it's not as harsh on your hair!!

Overall, I wouldn't say it's utterly life changing, but it is so goooood. I think it'd make a great gift and if you find it on sale, it is worth it. I would say if your hair isn't unruly or super thick, it may not be as beneficial, but for me, the time saved is wholly worth it!


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