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Gift Guide - For the Host

On to the next of the series - you can't forget the host! It's always nice to bring a gift specific to the host's style, but there are a few items you really can't go wrong with no matter whose home you're going to! It's a great sign of appreciation no matter how big or small. Wine and alcohol are always nice - just like food, but if it's worth the extra mile, some of my favorites are linked below!

gift guide for the host

Vase - pretty to bring with a flower arrangement

Diffuser - because everyone should have one

Ornament - I LOVE these ornaments of countries and it's perfect personal touch

French Press - for any coffee lover

Wine Stopper - marble and gold with an initial, sign me up

Cook Book - hosts usually cook and this cookbook is cute and full of good recipes

Candle - these are so pretty and one can never have enough candles

Throw Blanket - or enough cozy blankets

Wine Glass Charms - so the host's guests can tell their glasses apart!



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