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Dear Santa...

If I were writing a letter to Santa, these are what I'd write. I think it's a sign that we've been redoing our kitchen recently since all are replacement kitchen products almost - ha! A sign of the times. I love this necklace idea for anyone who has had a memorable event over the past year - it's a custom coordinates necklace you can personalize to any location of meaning. I chose my wedding coordinates, but you can do everything - baby's birth, first house, honeymoon, wedding or simply a favorite place that is meaningful!

dear Santa gift guide

7-in-1 Air Fryer- so cool and deep fries in a healthier way - using air!

Coordinates Necklace- to the Westin Paris Vendome 48.8659° N, 2.3269° E

Small Yeti- I got rid of my small to go tumbler because it was all cracked

Eye Shadow Palette-my favorite shades in travel form

Gold Serving Utensils- I ordered these 3 times and was sent the wrong ones each time!!

Hair Products- I love getting a sample gift from Sephora with new things to try

Nespresso- ours is old and only has one setting, and this beauty has 4 + hot water!


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