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Gift Guide - For Her

IT'S GIFT GUIDE TIME AGAIN! The best time of the year to be is October 31 - early January hands down. I love the whole holiday season; the lights, the family time, the shopping, the kind spirit, the cool weather, the cozy clothes, the roaring fireplaces, the fun activities - all of it!

So it's time to kickoff the gift guide series. Of course, that isn't what this time of year is about, so these are for inspo if you are in need. It is always a nice treat to give something a nice little surprise that made you think of them.

Some of these I personally have and other things I just thought looked so great!

Cardigan - I love how soft this one is

Scarf - you an never have too many blanket scarves

Candle - so pretty!

Shawl - this looks perfect to be dressed up or down

Lip Balm - one of my ultimate favorites

Packing Cubes - how cute are these? and they keep outfits together while packing

Beanie Hat - excellent for hiding dirty hair days

Earrings - these are only $14!

Perfume - one of my favorite perfumes

Happiness Book- to start the new year with a grateful heart

Socks - to be cozy all winter

Water Bottle - to stay hydrated


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