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Life Lately

I feel like I haven't posted too much recently and thought it was a good time to do a life update post! There are quite a few things going on lately.

First and foremost, we celebrated Rudy's gotcha day! I adopted that sweet soul 5 years ago and we have been best friends ever since. I can't imagine life without him and he is an angel among us.


We also celebrated a wedding of one of my best friends since 2nd grade! It was fun and such an honor to stand by her side on the big day. This was the last wedding for a while (that I know of!) and all my best gal pals were there <3 including these two traveling from Florida and New York!


In news exciting to me, I got new makeup brushes that I will keep you all posted on if they're good and worth it. I chose Sigma because I had one brush from them already and liked it. As a beauty blogger and grown adult, this is surprisingly the first and only time in my life that I have had matching makeup brushes as a set! I have had a jumbled hodge podge of junky ones until now so I feel like I have really made it as an adult ha!

sigma makeup brushes

AND lastly, and my personal long-awaited favorite at the moment, we started renovating the kitchen HALLELUJAH! I have hated this kitchen since we bought the house and am so extremely excited we are in motion. We ripped out the backsplash and my delightfully handy hubs is painting them white, adding the hardware, laying new subway tile and finishing off the trim we've left blank since redoing the floor when we moved in! His favorite is that we're getting rid of the awful 90s style desk we had in there. It will now be a beverage and wine fridge with more sensible cabinets. I cannot wait to cook up a storm in my fresh white super organized kitchen right in time for the holidays.

I'll leave you all with this spice drawer that makes my heart skip a beat. Ignore the missing doors and drawer face though, we are still under construction!

kitchen Reno



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