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Hydrafacial Review

I am always trying out new beauty products and treatments that I hear good things about so obviously this was on the list! If you read or remember the post I wrote about Beauty Treatments Broken Down and What Works - linked here, I mentioned that hydrafacials were next on my list to try. They seemed great, non-invasive and instant results.

I chose to go to the Woodhouse Day Spa for this, which I had never been to. First of all, they are all over the country with tons of locations and it was one of the best spas I've visited. It was cute, cozy, clean and relaxing. There is a "locker room" with showers, products and cubbies with locks to keep your stuff safe. They give you cozy robes and slides and then your choice of tea, mimosas, water or whatever you'd like. Then you get to go to the relaxation room where there was big comfy chairs, dim lights and a roaring fireplace. So we will be going back for massages sometime to say the least.

Now, on to the facial part! After hearing rave reviews about them online, I had to try it out. This spa in particular had 3 options: The 80-minute Woodhouse Hydrafacial, the 50-minute Pure Hydrafacial and the 25-minute Express Hydrafacial. I ended up going with the mid-level Pure Hydrafacial.

The goal is to exfoliate your skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles using glycolic and salicylic acids and hydrate with hyaluronic acid and antioxidant peptides. It is a person using a machine, which is part of why I liked it. They exfoliate, use massage techniques, warm towels and then use the machine! It's basically like a vacuum for your pores where they are also filling them with serum! The best part of it is the end when you can see what came out - vindicating, right?

The Verdict:

I loved it and thought it was pain-free, relaxing and a great way to see if your products are working. Turns out, mine are! There was little to nothing in my vacuum tube, but I do still feel it made a difference. I think it's a great refresh and starting point to make sure your skin is truly clean before big events or switching products. You walk out looking better without the redness from extractions. If/when I do it again, I will get the express version though since not much came out and it's a reduced price.

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