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Recent Beauty Empties

It has been a while since I have done an empties post and I can tell because there are quite a few this time around! Basically all of my skincare products - eek! Keep reading to hear my thoughts on each and if I thought it was worth repurchasing.

beauty empties

Let's get started!

Drunk Elephant C-Tango Eye Serum- This is jam-packed with peptides and antioxidants and it is my second bottle as it is. I am in process of switching over to more DE products because they're clean and I really like them. I didn't notice dramatic differences with this, but I have never with any eye serum. I do notice it's smoother and I do not have dark circles though!

Verdict: I repurchased - again! It's pricier (the whole DE collection is) but you only get one skin and you always have to wear it so... worth it.

Tula Pro-Glycolic Resurfacing Gel- This is 10% glycolic acid and used as a toner for skin resurfacing. I use it immediately after cleanser and before any serums and it has definitely made a difference in my skin. It's softer, smoother and evening out.

Verdict: I repurchased and will absolutely keep this as a staple in my nighttime routine.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray- I have only tried a few setting sprays but this one is by far my favorite. I am not really in need of one unless it's summer and 90 degrees due to having a good skin care routine at this point, but I will continue to use it for big events and really hot or long days!

Verdict: I repurchased - it's not a daily thing, but it definitely good to have on hand.

Tula Purifying Face Cleanser- so everyone raves about this and the must purchase item from Tula and I won't lie, I wasn't expecting much. Turns out, I am a believer and totally get it now! I'm not too picky about cleanser usually so long as it isn't too drying, but this one is fantastic. It's refreshing, it takes off all your makeup and it's hydrating while cleansing. I still love my favorite Caudalie foaming cleanser, but this just took it's #1 spot. I may still try the Drunk Elephant Jelly Cleanser eventually though.

Verdict: I repurchased! And I probably will forever now.

Caudalie Overnight Detox Oil- Caudalie was/is my OG favorite line. For a while I wasn't sure if this was making me breakout, or if it's clearing the impurities out. I've gone through multiple bottles though so let's hope it's the latter. I feel like if you are in a city or travel often, this is a must.

Verdict: I repurchased but might stop after this bottle to see if it's making a huge difference.

Shae Moisture Damage Repair Conditioner- I am OBSESSED with this brand. I use the conditioner, body wash and lotion and love them all. It is so clean, cruelty-free AND found so many places. Pro Tip- my Target and TJ Maxx are next to each other and they sell this at TJ for a few bucks less! I swing in there first to see if they have any types I like. I don't have a favorite kind I have tried a few.

Verdict: I love it and have purchased a few times!

Farsali 24K Gold Serum- This is my second bottle of this. The first was gifted and I loved it immediately - I mean, it has actual 24K gold flakes so what's not to love. I still think it's great and it is an absolute must to have a vitamin-c serum (for cell regeneration, lightening spots, antioxidants etc.) I still like this and it is heavy so I mix it with my Caudalie Anti-Wrinkle & Glow serum when I apply in the mornings.

Verdict: I like it but I did not repurchase again. I am going to test the Drunk Elephant C-Firma Serum instead.

VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask- When I don't get enough sleep, I am puffy and the spot that is the most obvious, is my under eyes. These are supposed to be worn overnight for 8 hours, but even if I slap them on in the morning for an hour, I notice a HUGE difference that I have never seen with any other eye mask/patch. These were originally gifted to me by the company and I did a whole post on them here.

Verdict: I haven't repurchased yet, but I will be as soon as I use up some others I have (I am trying to be better about using what I have before I purchase new things no matter how much I love them :( )

The Health Deoderant Lavanilla - Water- I have been on a natural deodorant journey along with my mom, MIL and BFF and we have tested sooo many between us and this one is hands-down my favorite! I wrote a whole post about the ones I have tried here, but this one is buttery soft, doesn't irritate me and it works!

Verdict: I repurchased! and will for the foreseeable future.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel- Alright, this is nothing exciting - it's a clear brow gel that can be used alone just to perk up what you've got, or it can go on after you fill them in just to keep them in place. No big deal, right? Wrong! I ran out of this and tried to replace it with a cheapy because I didn't think it was game changing, I tried ELF, one from Birchbox & even Benefit and I hated them all ha! This one is just so smooth with a good brush and truly keeps them in place.

Verdict: I repurchased and I only see this purchase needing to happen 1-2 times a year for me so it's worth it.

IT Cosmetics CC Cream- In my skincare journey through life, I have tried a lot of foundations and skin products and this one is one of my favorites to date. It's light, blurs imperfections and doesn't feel sticky, heavy or annoying to wear. In fact, sometimes I forget I even have it on. There are other versions - oil-free/matte, illuminating etc. and I have only tried the original, but I like it. This is all I wear on my face ever! They could do better with shade ranges though - not impressed with that but luckily I can get away with using the Light of this and then pair it with their perfecting powder in Medium on top.

Verdict: I repurchased- again! It is still my go-to but I may try another version of it in the future.

Clarins Lip Gloss- Lip gloss is not my favorite item at all but I have found 2 that I love and this is one of them! It goes on nicely, isn't sticky at all and is a clear/super light pink color so it's really natural and easy to apply. I have a lot of gloss to go through since I don't use it much, but this one is an all-time favorite along with Jouer.

Verdict: I haven't repurchased because I have so many, but I will in the future once I use some up.

Tula Pressed Kefir Serum- After hearing so much about Tula, I started switching some of my Caudalie products to Tula products, which included this pressed serum. The problem is, I did too many changes so I am not sure which is making the biggest impact, but I have made the guess that this was the least impactful of the 3 Tula products I am using (other two are in this post). I use this at night after the cleanser, toner and Caudalie detox oil (all of them are in this post), and this is the one I am going to cut out and try replacing with a Drunk Elephant product. I liked it though - it's incredibly moisturizing and soaks into my skin nicely. Little to no scent and probably paired best with other Tula products.

Verdict: I did not repurchase at this time. I may again in the future, but I am going to mix in more Drunk Elephant and replace this and my Farsali oil with two from that line instead.

My whole current skincare routine is posted here too - since I mentioned majority of them above, you can see the order in this post here!

What products have you been loving lately? Or were really excited to try but left you disappointed? I LOVE hearing all about this and think it's so helpful since some of these items are expensive and such a let down if you don't like them.


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