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The Best Products on Amazon + Prime Day

I swear Amazon delivers to our house almost every single day - we are that obsessed with Amazon Prime. Nothing beats the convenience of 2-day delivery along with a large selection and reasonable prices for literally almost anything you could ever need! I decided to start a series of all my favorite Amazon products that I've bought, used and loved - right in time for Amazon Prime Day July 16-17.

Amazon Prime Day is 36 hours of deals and steals specifically for Amazon Prime members. A Prime membership is SO WORTH IT year-round because you have access to Amazon Prime movies and TV, music for a 30-day free trial and most importantly of all - free 2-day shipping on your orders! If you don't have it yet, you can sign up through this link and change your life! Dramatic but true.

Warm Gold Curtain Rings - in the dining room reveal post here These really class up curtains and they are so much easier to slide around than using the back pocket of the curtain to hang it. It creates pleats and curtains without them!

Brass Curtain Rods - in the dining room reveal post here These are a PERFECT DUPE for the West Elm brass curtain rods that are literally double the price. I am obsessed with them and put them in 2 rooms so far and am going to add them to the kitchen too once we redo it.

Shark Steam Mop - I bought this with wedding gift cards and am still really excited about it because it mops the floor so quickly and painlessly with zero mess and much less elbow grease than a swiffer - if you have a dog (or kids) and hardwood floors - or honestly if you just have hardwood floors, this is lifesaving.

Better Life Soap - I am on a constant mission to reduce chemicals in our house, food etc. and this is non-toxic and worked better than most dish washing detergent and I love the fresh minty scent!

Laundry Soap for Wool and Cashmere - as seen in this post I am notorious for washing all clothes in the washing machine regardless of their instructions but the ONE thing I won'd do that with is cashmere - but this laundress shampoo allows you to so no more dry cleaner!

Nespresso Pods - It is so much easier to just quickly throw these pods in my amazon cart although there isn't as good of a selection as Nespresso. Nespresso also ships quickly, but there is a free shipping minimum and you know I refuse to pay shipping regardless of my order details lol SO between big orders (where I also need Nespresso recycling bags from them directly) I'll order a pack from Amazon.

Nespresso Machine with Frother - This is a steal of a deal for the combo of both the frother and machine - homemade lattes and cappuccinos, yes please! I got hooked on the Nespresso in Paris and I have not touched our Keurig since.

4' Faux Fiddle Fig Plant - in the dining room reveal post here It took me a while to find a faux fiddle I liked and I was astonished when I found my favorite one on Amazon. The base is small so it needs a pot and some moss, but it looks so much better than most I've seen and so much more real!

Firestick - We live and die by the Amazon Firestick for all binge watching.

Better Life Spray - I am on a constant mission to reduce chemicals in our house, food etc. and this is non-toxic and worked better than standard cleaners on the Shark Tank episode I originally saw it on. I use this to clean everything except glass and stainless steel (they have other options for that!)

KitchenAid Mixer - Dustin got me this for Christmas a few years ago and I still love it. So much easier to make cookies, bread etc. for holiday baking or just an average night. It makes it a breeze instead of a pain in the butt so I do it more often (I think he did that so I'd make more cookies!)

Magic Bullet Blender - I got this because I hate our blender but haven't replaced it yet because I want a ridiculous Vitamix one and that is just not in the cards right now. It's so small and easy to use and perfect for smoothies or small sauces and really reasonably priced so it was a no-brainer for me!

Oil Holder - & talk about this in this post This is a little pricey for what it is, but I loved it and really needed somewhere to store all my oils where they could be out and look nice and it would allow them to be stored upright so they didn't leak. I'm kind of obsessed with this thing to be honest so I am really glad I got it.

Pineapple doorbell - The key to making things look great and finished (I think anyway) is the detail! No detail is irrelevant. When we repainted the porch and added railings, we noticed how lame and ugly our doorbell cover was and immediately replaced it with this. It makes it so much more fun and put together looking!

Oil Diffuser - & talk about this in this post Tying into the oil holder above, I have this one in my office (we also have them in Dustin's office and our master bedroom) and it burns much cleaner than a candle and lasts so long. I like that it has the color changing lights and you can diffuse whatever oils you please.

Salt Rock Lamp - & talk about this in this post This is next to my oil diffuser in my office. They bring creativity, air purifying and is a cozy light source.

Nespresso Frother - We got this as a gift when we got married and I love it! I mentioned it above, but if you already have a Nespresso machine (or any coffee machine) you can still get this separately and froth milk for a special touch.

Shark ION Rocket Vacuum - Stop whatever you're doing and buy this vacuum immediately. I AM BEYOND IN LOVE WITH IT. I saw it while out shopping with my mom and was basically an in-person informercial to her about it. It works great on wood floors to zip around (especially for dog hair) but can be used as an upright on rugs too. What i love the most is that it's super light, easy to empty AND you can detach the stick and the head so you can easily clean corners, spiders, your car - anything!

Clothes Steamer - I hate ironing and rarely do it and would so much rather steam my clothes if they need it. I try to hang them wet to air dry hanging to reduce wrinkles but sometimes I still need to steam. I used to just use my straightener for my hair while doing that but realized I should probably do a bit better ha!

iRobot Roomba - My in-laws got this for us for Christmas last year and it is sooo convenient. We need to vacuum daily because of Rudy's hair and it's just not realistic for me to do that downstairs every single day so that's where this guy comes in! It works great on wood and carpet and does the daily hard work for me so I can spot clean dog hair with the ION mentioned above (rudy really sheds THAT much. more than any dog Ive ever met including my parents German Shepherd). So if you want carefree cleaning, this is magically too.

Dog Bed - Rudy loves this and if he could write a testimony, he would. He will lay in it any absolutely any given chance he can. It's huge and has sides he can snuggle up on and use as a pillow. I like it because you can zip off the cover of the bottom and sides and throw it in the washer.

Acrylic Makeup Drawers - such a cost effective options and I LOVE the way mine organize and look on my counter top.

Phone Case - I have had this exact case on my phone for 2 years and it has held up and magically stayed pretty clean. I did add a popsocket to the back.

Glasses Holder - I am going to purchase this during my closet renovation, but I thought it was the best solution ever to storage for glasses and sunglasses while allowing you to see what you have!

Makeup Brush Spin Cleaner - Cleaning makeup brushes is so important and half the annoyance of it is waiting for them to dry - this changes everything.

Bentonite Clay - & post on this here This can be used to detox underarms while using natural deodorant and can be used on skin and hair too.

Gratitude Journal - & talk about it in this post I LOVE this little journal. It is so helpful to practice mindfulness, it looks cute on a nightstand & you can keep it to reference down the road.

Blonde Toning Shampoo - If you have blonde hair or highlights and hate the brass (ME!) this is magic in a bottle to keep it an ashy color.

Suitcase - I used this tiny gem for my honeymoon and as my international carry-on for my wedding. It is small enough to use as a carry-on for Europe and it can fit so much it's unbelievable!

Deodorant - & whole post on this here If you've been following the natural deodorant and my journey, this is my current favorite out of all I have tried thus far.

Cell Phone Stand - This little thing is so cute and perfect to put on my desk to hold my phone while working or it can even be used while cooking to hold an iPad etc. The most underrated thing you never knew you needed.

Pillow Case Silk - & mention why in this post Silk pillow cases are so good for your skin and can be pricey but this friendly alternative has held up and worked well. I wash my sheets all the time and it's still in perfect condition and I've had it for months.

Dermaplane - & whole post on this coming in a week! This is part of my skin care routine and I prefer to do it at home versus professionally and love these tools specifically.

Happy shopping! I will be doing this again soon since I am forever adding new products to my cart on Amazon.

*There are affiliate links used in this post that will potentially earn me commission; however, I standby, love and have purchased these products and would never recommend anything I do not love.

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