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2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Clothes - Top Picks & What's in My Cart

It's time! I know everyone talks about this sale each year, but it's that good that it's worth it. I wrote a post of my favorite picks ahead of the sale from the catalog and that is linked here. I also did a post all about the sale details, which is here. Now it's time for the real deal where card holders have early access! Here are my Top Clothes Picks 2017 Sale Post and Home & Beauty 2017 Sale Post from last year too.

Now, let's talk about this year's sale! I've separated it by things I have that are included again, things I ordered so far & things I love but did not get - I don't really need anything specific so I tried to not go completely out of control!

Items I have and Love from Past Year's Sales That Are in 2018's Sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Wubby Fleece Pullover - Size M (it's says it runs large and to size down but I disagree) Sale: $51.90 / After Sale: $78

Rounded V-Neck Tee - Size S (sizing online is right) comes in 9 colors!

Sale: $17.90 / After Sale: $25

Cocoon Cardigan - Size S (true to size) comes in 6 colors!

Sale: $31.90 / After Sale: $49

Peplum Top - Size S (true to size) comes in 4 colors!

Sale: $32.90 / After Sale: $49

Open Front Pocket Cardigan - Size S (true to size) comes in 7 colors!

Sale: $42.90 / After Sale: $79

Exposed Seam Sweater - Size S (true to size) comes in 5 colors!

Sale: $29.90 / After Sale: $45

Raw Edge V-Neck Tee - Size S (true to size) comes in 10 colors!

Sale: $11.90 / After Sale: $17

"Moonlight" Short Pajamas - Size M (I sized up for a loose fit)

Sale: $35.90 / After Sale: $55

V-Neck Tee - Size M (I think these run a bit small) lots of color options!

Sale: $15.90 / After Sale: $25

Lace Trim Satin Cami - Size M (says true to size but I sized up) comes in 4 colors

Sale: $22.90 / After Sale: $35 (have in 2 colors and buying in the other 2 it's THAT good)

Tipped Pajama Short Set - size M (they're cotton and may shrink a little) comes in 3 colors

Sale: $56.90 / After Sale: $85

2018 Anniversary Sale Items I Love But Didn't Order

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Paige Jeans - I wear a 27 usually in this brand

Sale: $109.90 / After Sale: $189

The North Face Wind Breaker - I usually wear a M in this brand

Sale: $62.90 / After Sale: $90

Stripe Duster Jacket - Each year I pick something totally off the wall that I love.

Sale: $69.90 / After Sale: $110

Leopard Print Sweater - this one is a splurge!

Sale: $218.90 / After Sale: $328

Quilted Coat- I LOVE this and honestly think it's because it reminds me of Harry Potter Hogwarts Cloaks so I'll probably cave and buy the Navy by the end of the sale (Team Ravenclaw!)

Sale: $146.90 / After Sale: $220

Stripe Jumpsuit

Sale: $42.90 / After Sale: $64.95

Faux Fur Teddy Bear Coat

Sale: $92.90 / After Sale: $139

Embroidered Blouse - I have a similar one and LOVE it - so cute

Sale: 58.90 / After Sale $89

Ripped Jeans - I have a similar pair and it's all I wear

Sale: $64.90 / After Sale: $98

Leggings- love this brand's patterns but they just don't fit big butts well I don't think

Sale: $42.90 / After Sale: $65

Nike Tank- I have this in blue and love it (may have to get anyway!)

Sale: $25.90 / After Sale: $35

Faux Fur Star Coat

Sale: $132.90 / After Sale: $199

Wind Breaker

Sale: $90.90 / After Sale: $120

What I've Ordered So Far...

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Stripe Joggers- ordered a M

Sale: $29.90 / After Sale: $45

Thermal Henley Top - ordered a M & comes in 4 colors!

Sale: $24.90 / After Sale: $38

Colorblock Knit Top - ordered and 8 and probably need a 6 but we'll see (usually wear a 6 in TopShop)

Sale: $44.90 / After Sale: $68

Ryder Cardigan - order a M and bought this solely because it's so hard to find a true brown sweater anywhere?!

Sale: 64.90 / After Sale: $98

Grey Joggers- ordered a M & comes in 3 colors

Sale: $25.90 / After Sale $39

Ivory Nubby Cardigan - ordered a M and comes in 2 colors

Sale: $35.90 / After Sale: $55

Moonlight Shortie Pajamas - ordered a S I live for soft, matching pajamas

Sale: $35.90 / After Sale: $55

Lace Up Cami - ordered a S & comes in 3 colors

Sale: $38.90 / After Sale: $59

Floral Lace Cami - ordered a M comes in multiple colors

Sale: $29.90 / After Sale: $49

Tres Chic Tee - ordered a S

Sale: $29.90 / After Sale: $45

Lace Top - ordered a M and comes in 4 great color options

Sale: $45.90 / After Sale: $69

Waffle Cardigan - ordered a S

Sale: $45.90 / After Sale: $69

Lace Trim Cami - ordered a M in green and rose (already have in black & white)

Sale: $22.90 / After Sale: $35

Stripe Cardigan - ordered a S

Sale: $45.90 / After Sale: $69

What's in My Cart Saved for Later

Stripe Pullover - love it but it's so similar to the TopShop one I ordered so I held back

Sale: $31.90 / After Sale: $49

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan - this brand is the softest and rarely on sale, but I don't need any of the colors it comes in

Sale: $88.90 / After Sale: $134

Faux Shearling Coat- love this look!

Sale: $129 / After Sale: $198

Skirt- I LOVE this but don't know if I'd have enough places to wear it and make it worthwhile Sale: $69.90 / After Sale: $109

Hoodie- like this, but really don't need this

Sale: $29.90 / After Sale $46

Stripe Shirt - this is cute but not my typical style so I didn't pull the trigger

Sale: $29.90 / After Sale $46

Stay tuned for beauty, handbags & shoes coming later!


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