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Laundry Room Reveal

Next up on the home reveal series, possibly the most often overlooked room of a house: the Laundry Room! In our case, the laundry room & landing spot as it is right across from our garage entrance door. Since it needed to be a bit dual-purpose and act as both a laundry room and mudroom, it was designed a bit differently than if it were only a laundry area.

We started by removing the wire shelving - have I ever mentioned how much I hate wire shelves?! Probably not, but now you know. They were also in the garage entrance closet, pantry, bathroom closets and walk in closets and I am slowly ripping them out everywhere!

I know it's just where we wash dirty clothes, but I like the whole house to be cohesive, updated to our style and any area to be an enjoyable place. So we added blinds, a curtain and rod, a sink for easy stain removal along with cabinet storage for products in addition to an ironing board hook and a rod to hang clothes to dry! We also ripped out the tile and continued the hardwood floor into this room (it's the whole first floor).

laundry room renovation

View from the garage

laundry room renovation

The before from before we moved in!

laundry room renovation

Hooks & cubbies for coats, dog leash, shoes and bag drop offs.

laundry room renovation

We added blinds and a sheer with a decorative rod.

laundry room renovation

And a light to match.

laundry room renovation

We hung this rod between the wall and the side of the cabinet to hang drying clothes.

laundry room renovation

I LOVE our LG washer and dryer.

laundry room renovation

We switched to wool dryer balls with essential oils instead of laundry sheets and fabric softener.


Runner - Wayfair (similar)

Rug - Target

Sink, Cabinets and Faucet- Lowe's (no link - bought in store last year)

Washer Dryer - Lowe's (LG brand and I love them)

Washer Dryer cubbies/shelving - custom made by the best husband ever!

Hanging Shelf - Overstock

Storage Bench - Overstock

Large Wicker Baskets - Target

Small Wicker Baskets - Menard's (no link - bought in store)

Curtain & Rod - Target

Light Fixture - Home Depot (no link - bought in store last year)

The next time we're talking house renovations, it will be the sitting room... or maybe the front porch, whichever finishes first!


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