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What you need to know: 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Guide

IT'S ALMOST HERE! My favorite time of year aside from Christmas! And the best sale of the year, which feels like Christmas: the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Today I'm telling you everything you need to know about it.

nordstrom anniversary sale
nordstrom anniversary sale

What is it?

The best Nordstrom Sale of the year selling brand new Fall items at majorly discounted prices - shoes, clothes, coats, bags, beauty - everything!

When is it?

July 11 for Level 4 card holders July 12-19 for any other card holders July 20 - August 5 for public access

Why is it the best?

Unlike most sales, this isn't and end-of-season sale. This is all the brand spankin' new, on-trend items for FALL! So they're discounted ahead of the season and you get to go right into wearing all your new finds! It's the biggest sale of the year and the perfect time to stock up on staple items like basic tees, sweaters, booties and jeans - aka the things that don't go on sale quite as often and that you'll wear constantly.

How do I access it? Online or in store! There are more options online and each store has different items and amounts. Last year the website overloaded and was tough to order through the first day, but they had great customer service and always have free shipping and returns so online is easy.

What else should I know? You HAVE to have a card for early access (credit or debit through Nordstrom) and there are many things that sell out before the public even has access. That said, they also do a restock of some items right before the public dates, but not everything will get restocked in all sizes.

What can I do to prepare?

Scope out the catalog, which can be found here. This has a preview of some items so you'll know a few you want to get your hands on.

It's also a great time for a closet purge and organization so you know what you need!

Most importantly, make sure you have a card so you have early access - you can get a store credit card, or you can get a debit card that is tied to your bank account and acts like a debit card. Nordstrom is also very helpful with descriptive sizing on items to make online shopping easier.

Also, if you have any Nordstrom Notes or haven't used your Triple Points Day, now is the time! I know I spend quite a bit during the sale, so I save my annual Triple Points Day for it! It's an easy way to acquire more Nordstrom Notes toward future purchases.

Here are a few of my favorites from last year's sale:

nordstrom anniversary sale

nordstrom anniversary sale

nordstrom anniversary sale

nordstrom anniversary sale

nordstrom anniversary sale

nordstrom anniversary sale

Last year, I went a little wild, but the pieces I bought are still my favorites that I wear consistently. It's easy to shop good sales year-round, but this is the one that I truly act like a crazy person for and the only one that matters in my world (aside from general black Friday shopping, of course). I created posts of my favorites last year that I'll link here for an idea of what this is all about: Home & Beauty 2017 Sale Post and Top Clothes Picks 2017 Sale Post.

Can't wait to share my finds in a few short weeks!


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