Dining Room Reveal

These have become my new favorite posts to write because that means that another room in the house is renovated, furnished and DONE! We've gotten so much done in the last year and a half (and realistically we don't have a fixer upper, it just needed updated with some personalized style and furnished), but we still have quite a bit left. The kitchen, master bath, master closets, foyer, sitting room & laundry room are left - but laundry should be done by the time i finish typing this post. One room we can check off the list is the dining room!

I'll say in advance this is a tough room to photograph - it doesn't get direct sunlight so it's only bright for the early afternoon and it is glaring when it is.

Chairs- Amazon

Rug- Overstock

Table- Pier 1

China- Inherited

Goldware- Target

Faux Fiddle Fig- Amazon

Plant Pot- Target but no link

Dining Light - Home Depot and Amazon (I wanted this one and wish we got it still, but it's going above the master tub eventually instead!)

NY Picture- Bed Bath & Beyond (few years old)

Curtain Rings- Amazon

Curtains- Bed Bath & Beyond

Curtain Rods- Amazon (great dupe for the twice as expensive west elm ones!)

Blinds- were here when we bought the house and are the only thing to stay!

Lamp- Target

Rudy- Local Animal Shelter! adopt, don't shop ;)

Table- Homegoods

Candles- Target Dollar Spot

Frame- Homegoods

Wall Hangings- Target

Floral Arrangement - Homegoods (from the Fall but I don't know how to store it!?)

Candle Sticks- Target

Candle Holder- TJMaxx

China Cabinet- Ikea (you can pick various door options!)

The "Before" from before we moved in!

& the dashing original light fixture from before we moved in

Now that this room is done, I have a massive urge to cook a Thanksgiving dinner or to clear the table and play some cards. Bring on the family gatherings! XO


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