Office Reveal

I am slowly but surely posting all of the rooms in our home as we finish them! My office was actually the first room "done" (I say that loosely because i still need to hang pictures on one wall but am waiting for wedding ones to do that!).

A friend had that portrait painted of Rudy for my birthday - so good, right!?

This Pier 1 shelf took me so long to find after scouring for the perfect one!

My goal is to read all the books I have in book stacks all over the house. This little gold snow globe was picked up on a NYC birthday trip with my love. Decorating with personal touches brings a smile to my day.

Snoozle King napping on the job with his puppy pal.

I love this little Pop Fizz Clink picture.

My essential oil diffuser and salt rock lamp brighten the day!

Book stacks are my favorite decor move - if you haven't noticed!

The full office view from the sitting room

I burn essential oils in the office every day for productivity and focus!

The best supervisor in the world! My favorite co-worker of all time!

There are way to many items for source links so if you have any questions on where specific items are from, ask away and I'll let you know !


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