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Spring Favorites & 100th Post

I'm excited for all the cute stuff I am seeing this Spring! I don't know about you, but it seems like there is SO much more that i like compared to most years. Here are a few faves I've spotted recently.

spring favorites

Happy Spring, Everyone! Are you going anywhere fun for vacation this year? If so, some of these finds would be fantastic! This is the 100th post on and that makes me so happy! I cannot believe I've had that much to say ha!

My hope for the blog are to keep growing it with more regularly scheduled content. I can usually manage 1-2 posts per week (always a saturday morning post) but would love to increase the conversation. I typically stick to beauty, clothes, home decor with a sprinkle of travel based on our upcoming plans, but is there anything else you'd like to see? I am all ears and open to ideas :) I hope you've enjoyed this journey with me so far!

Cheers XO

Embroidered Dress

Tie Shorts

Tan Wedges

Stripe Peplum

Tortoise Sunglasses

Straw Hat

Maxi Dress

Round Sunglasses

Flamingo Flats

Beaded Bag



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