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Powder Room Renovation

Next up... our first floor powder room! This was one of the first things we renovated because most of the lower level of the house had wood installed by the last owners. However, they left the tiled areas, which were the foyer and its closet, powder room, kitchen, pantry and laundry room.

Ripping out the tile and installing the rest of the wood was our first mission. While we were at it, we did first floor powder room since we had to take everything out - and, well, it was hideous.

powder room renovation after

We didn't do anything too wild, but we updated it so it's fresh, more our style and new!

powder room renovation

I am still dying to wallpaper the back wall behind the sink and mirror, but Dustin is still against it. Probably because he doesn't want to have to take it down in a few years if I change my mind - ha! If you're reading this... I won't change my mind I promise!

powder room before

This was the before from before we moved in - eek! I am not a huge fan of pedestal sinks or frame-less mirrors so those had to go. This bathroom was way too small for a sink that large although it photographs at a normal size, it was huge!

Vanity- Lowe's

Mirror- Lowe's

Hand Towel Ring- Lowe's

Hand Towel-

Soap- Tj Maxx

Candle- Target

Plant- Target

Art- Target

Rug- Tj Maxx

Toilet Paper Holder- Lowe's


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