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Favorite Products Lately

I change products all the time unless they are my absolute, tried & true favorites so here are a few that are new favorites and favorites I've done a few repurchases of - either way, this is what I'm loving lately!

favorite products

Oribe Signature Shampoo- This was a splurge for me! I love all the styling products and figured I would try a shampoo. I have mixed thoughts. It smells phenomenal of course because it's Oribe! It doesn't lather much or leave my hair feeling super clean, but it makes my hair look really good and voluminous, so again - I have mixed thoughts. Probably NOT worth the splurge though.

Caudalie Overnight Detox Oil- Caudalie is my go-to skincare brand, and most products I use are that line. This is the first oil I've used regularly, and I am loving it. It smells like the earth if that makes sense - so not that great BUT it works well and seems to draw all my impurities to the surface to purge them. I feel moisturized after I put it on before bed.

it Costmetics CC Cream- I have seen a lot of people use this, so I got a smaller size and figured I would try it out. I like that it's light and has a spf and honestly, I like it more than my foundations right now - it looks so glow-y and nice! If you need full-coverage, it might not be the best, but if your skin tone is pretty even and just needs some help, this is great.

St. Topez Self Tanner- This is my hands down favorite. I actually like the dark bronzing mousse the best, but it takes 6 hours to get to the greatest color and this one you can use in 1-3 hours pending on your tone. It smells like tanner (even though it says it doesn't) but it is NEVER streaky no matter how haphazardly I put it on so that's a big win - I use a mitt to apply!

Jouer Lip Conditioning Enhancer- I LOVE this gloss - It is supposed to be a bit plumping, which I honestly don't think it works for that, but it is so simple, shiny and doesn't have that sticky feeling so I love it. There are only 3 lip glosses I truly love and this is my #1.

Facial Massage Beauty Bar- This was a really random purchase. I was checking out the NuFace one online that is way more expensive and then randomly stumbled on this for $10 at TjMaxx and figured, why not? I use this at night after serum and it vibrates to massage your face to release toxins and firm your skin, help fight puffiness and drain all the yuck. I've seen before and afters online that are pretty incredibly - almost like an instant facelift- my results weren't quite that dramatic, but I can absolutely tell a difference.


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