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Klorane VoxBox

On occasion, I receive cool boxes for Influenster with new products to test and review. This time around, it was a Klorane themed box, which left me pretty excited. I thought it was going to be hair care-related - dry shampoo to be specific & Klorane Dry Shampoo is my FAVORITE! Hands down the best of all the dry shampoos I have tried.


When my box arrived it wasn't dry shampoo, but it was a few new items I have never tried: eye patches, makeup remover and waterproof eye makeup remover from their Cornflower Collection.

The first thing I tried were the eye patches- I love eye patches and will try any. Probably because that's my problem area where i have a few wrinkles :( These were soothing and large enough to actually cover my whole under-eye and up to the outer corner. They were refreshing, and I really think they worked! I looked refreshed and that was after 1 use.


The other 2 items were the makeup remover and the waterproof makeup remover - I don't use waterproof makeup, but I do set it with powder and setting spray so not sure if that counts? I think it's geared more toward waterproof eyeliner and mascara. The makeup remover worked well, but I don't love using a liquid remover on my skin. I prefer wipes or a melting type gel/balm. It did work and it was soothing as well. I used it on my eye makeup and noticed there was more left, so I used the waterproof kind on it and it all came off with ease. I would say this is similar to the Lancome makeup removing liquid but at a better price so I'd recommend!

#makeup #skincare

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