Hello, 2018!

Well, this is a few days late, but that's life! Contrary to popular opinion, I loved 2017 and am sad to see it go. It was terrible for the world but was the best yet personally. I spoke all about it in my post on Thanksgiving here but in short, we bought a house, got engaged, traveled a bunch & celebrated a whole lot of love at friends' weddings and new babies.

I'm not a huge "resolution" person - it's the same me every year, but I do like to set goals each year and do try to accomplish them. I continue them on year-to-year as well.


A few of mine for this year are:

*To get in better shape - I don't care about putting numbers to it. I think it's just a good goal to be healthier! I started doing yoga and pilates again this year but want to continue and increase my efforts.

*To finish our house! We have done a lot, but we still have a few rooms to finish up.

*To try microblading - I always have to throw a beauty-related one in there and everyone's I see looks so good.

*To have our wedding ceremony & honeymoon!! most importantly.

There are a few things from the past year that I am going to continue as well such as eating as much organic food as possible and making overall healthier choices.

I read a TON of books in 2017 and certainly want to keep that up. I also began using essential oils all the time and began a diligent skincare routine with Caudalie!

What do you all try to do each year? Are they resolutions? Do you keep up with them through the year? I'd love to hear!