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Holiday Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover

holiday gift guide for the beauty lover

So this one is for me - obvs. I love the holidays because I always end up buying myself one or two of these gift sets from Sephora because it's a perfect way to try a few products and see how they stack up against each other. For example, the mascara one let me try 8-10 new products to see if I should switch. A few of these things, I am dying to try!

Stila Glittering Liquid Eyeshadow - $25 I'll treat myself to this because I hear it's good!

Give Me Lip Gift Set - $68 this has 15 different products to try that are all Sephora Faves

Sephora Mask Set - $25 for 6 masks - bargain!

Perfume Sampler - $65 17 samples & a certificate for the full-size of your choice for free!

Anastasia Prism Eye Shadow Pallete - $42

Jelly Ball Cleanser - $20 These are wild and I don't understand them and think it's fun!

Becca Eye Lights Pallete - $45 This is gorg

Lashstash Gift Set - $48 I tried these in the past to see what really worked for me

Every Day Musts - $75 this set features all the Sephora favorite must haves

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