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Holiday Gift Guide for Pets

holiday gift guide for pets

The most important gift guide of all - for your best fur friends! One of my favorite Christmas Day activities is watching my fur son and fur sister open their gifts - yes, they actually open their own gifts ha! Here are some of Mr. Rudy's personal favorite items.

Sweater - $10 he doesn't wear clothes often, but it gets so cold here sometimes it's a must

Rolled Leather Collar - $5 keeps their fur nice

Stuffed Squeaky Toy - $5 the guy goes wild for squeakies

Furminator Brush - $14 this works wonders on his fur but doesn't work on coarse hair

Plush Stuffed Animal - $7 Rudy's favorite past time is snuggling with friends

Wet Noses Organic Pumpkin Big Bones - $2 these are cute and healthy

Ball Throw - $10 we don't have one (yet) but he lives for fetch

Whistle GPS & Activity Tracker - $60+ subscription in case you have a runner, these work!

Orthopedic Plus Bed - $35 I bought this months ago and he is still OBSESSED with this bed

Holiday Greenies - $9 helps freshen stinky breath and clean teeth

Organic Senior Food - $48 he eats as well as we do as a family member!

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