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Holiday Gift Guide for the Traveler

holiday gift guide for the traveler

If you travel often or have someone in your life who does, they probably have it narrowed down to a few essentials they won't leave home without - especially if it's international travel.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir - $18 will refresh dull skin from travel

Caudalie Grape Water - $10 I mist this on my face periodically in flight

Noise Cancelling Head Phones - $49.99 I will be investing in these after my last flight

Scarf - $30 Airplane temperatures vary and there are germs galore so a scarf is versatile

Travel Journal - $9.99 allow them to write down their adventures with a nice notebook

Collagen Eye Pads - $64 to help under eyes mid-flight

Moisturizing Lip Balm - $6 an obvious must

Travel Neck Pillow - $15.99 to help with peaceful sleep

Tocca Hand Cream Set - $18 I can't get enough moisture in airplanes/hotels if you can't tell!

Travel Book - $30 a helpful guide for upcoming adventures

Ginger/Peppermint Essential Oils - $10 both are known to help with motion sickness/travel

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