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Monthly Favorites

Each month (or so) I've decided to round up the handful of things I am obsessed with that month - from beauty products to clothes to house items. When I really really love a product, I can't get enough of it for awhile. This month's are a wide variety:

monthly favorites

pop socket

beauty products

Planner- My best friend sent me this with my new initials after we got engaged. It is a wedding planning book with timelines, cute pages for notes and an all around way to stay organized! It's by Erin Condren and there are lines for teachers, academics and general planners and it is sooo cute if you love these types of things (like me!).

Air Plant- I kid you not I left this poor plant in a box with decor for THREE MONTHS after we moved into the new house and it looked fresh as ever. I generally take pretty good care of plants - lookin' at you, 6-year-old peace lily! - but if you struggle to keep them alive, get these. They only need soaked in water once in awhile and have proven to be sturdy.

Plain T-Shirts- I stocked up on these during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and am so thankful I did. They're Lush brand side-slit Tees and I bought them in every color because they're so comfy and still look cute with a slit and pocket.

Marble Pop Socket- These things are everywhere and a trend at the moment, but they really do make it so much easier to hold your phone so just do it; I'm pretty sure it was $3 on Amazon and well worth it.

Perfume- I originally got a sample of this in a Birchbox and am fairly picky about perfumes. I was skeptical due to its weird name: Juliette Has a Gun brand in Not a Perfume but it is so fresh and clean smelling that I wear it on casual days and love it!

Beauty Elixir- I am a Caudalie skin care addict and it's the main line I use for face wash, lip balm, serums, moisturizer... pretty much everything. It's a French brand (and even sold in drugstores there) so I stocked up while there and decided to try this. Since then, I have seen it everywhere! It's become a cult product and understandably so. A quick spritz in the morning and your skin feels awake and fresh due to its minty nature. It is one of very few products that I've never tried anything else like it.

Lash Serum- This one was out of left field for me. My lashes have always been pretty thick and long, so I never thought much of lash products/extensions etc. aside from mascara, but I was looking for something that was lash conditioning because they felt a bit brittle and I couldn't find anything aside from primer, which I didn't want. So I found this neuLASH Serum and while its main purpose is to growth your lashes longer (and it certainly did a bit more!), it's packed full of vitamins and now they feel much healthier so I use it once or twice a week.


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