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September Birchbox Review

It's been a really long time since I did a Birchbox review! During a hectic spring and summer, I didn't thoroughly try everything that was sent, but today we're back in action. I swear Birchbox knows when I am feeling over it because every time I do, I get an incredible box like this month's samples!


MAC Extreme Dimension 3D Mascara- This mascara is pretty good and I am whole-heartedly a mascara snob! It is clump-free and it indeeds lengthens, conditions and defines lashes as it states. It didn't smudge under my eyes at all either! It's downfall seemed that it had zero curling power and didn't add any volume. We can't win them all but this I would potentially use.

Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Primer- I've come to terms that primers are a necessary evil to achieve better makeup application. This one says it will give a real-life filter to minimize pores, absorb oil and extend makeup and guess what - IT'S TRUE! This is the best primer I have ever used and it did't even look like I had pores until about a foot away from the mirror (that is a win to me). I think this worked so well on me because it is the purple shade and when color correcting, purple covers yellow and my skin has golden undertones. The green one would work well to cover redness.

Pixie by Petra LipLift Max in Sheer Rose- This gloss came in a rosy shade in my box but comes in other options. It can be worn over color or alone and has aloe, jojoba and chamomile for a moisturized effect. I'm not sure if did anything for plumping - honestly I didn't even know it was supposed to until I sat down to write this. I would wear it alone as a casual gloss but still prefer Jouer and Clarins over it; This is a cost-effective alternative though!

12 Benefits Healthy Hair Treatment- This is a leave-in conditioning spray that detangles, protects and heals hair. The best part is it smells fantastic. I really liked this, think it works and will possibly buy when I need more! For reference, I usually use It's A 10, amika or my all-time favorite, Beauty Protector and this held its own against those.

StarSkin Morning Mask- These little pads are double-sided with one beaded side to brighten and exfoliate while the other is serum-soaked to hydrate, protect and prime your skin for the day. I was not a fan of them at all. After use, it felt like I had worked out and not washed my face after! I did like the beaded side though. These may do better if they weren't drenched in so much serum? You have no choice but to over do it.

Recent Bircbox Products I loved but Didn't Review:

Jouer Lip Enhancer Gloss- I didn't notice an enhancement but loved how smooth it was and it's rose scented and moisturizing. I ordered full-size!

Benefit Boi-ing Concealer- Goes on smooth and is thick enough to really cover a blemish. I am impressed and concealers rarely impress me.

thisworks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray- Lavender scented pillow spray for a peaceful night's sleep

the Organic Pharmacy Rose Double Rose Rejuvenating Face Cream- Can you tell I love rose? This is heavy enough that it works and will leave you glowing!

and in standard practice, it's safe to assume I loved all Oribe and Beauty Protector hair products!

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