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Perfect Pajamas & Loungewear

With fall around the corner (hallelujah), all I want to do is be cozy at home in comfy pjs with a fur blanket, candles, movies and fresh baked goods - is that too much to ask? Donuts, apple crisp, banana bread and all of the like sound perfect with a Harry Potter movie marathon after a trip to the pumpkin patch. I am SO ready and have never really loved summer (nuts, I know)!

It's only mid-August so I have a little bit of time left before some of those things happen, but you can always wear the comfy pjs. Since I work remotely, cute pajamas and comfortable loungewear are a staple in my life, so I can still feel a little bit normal at least with matching clothes but with minimal effort lol! I've rounded up some of my favorites and essentially live in joggers, plain tees & tanks, sweaters and shorts.


I spy a puppy snout peeking over my bed; This is what he does every morning until I get up and feed him!


Long sleeve top and pants set from Victoria's Secret.


This set can be found here.

My favorite places to shop for these items are TJ Maxx, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack and once in a while Old Navy, H&M or Victoria's Secret. Here are some current, in-stock items I am loving!

Pajamas and Loungewear

1. Rose All Day Sweatshirt

2. Rib Stitch Cardigan

3. Side Slit Tee - I bought this in every single color during the Anniversary Sale!

4. Ruffle Pullover Sweater

5. Short Pajamas

6. Slouchy Pullover

7. Cropped Joggers

8. Pajama Set

9. Lounge Tee

10. Stripe Pajama Pants

11. Charcoal Joggers

12. Satin Pajama Set

P.S. - I am still looking for art for the wall above our nightstands if anyone has seen any reasonable, large, neutral pieces!


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