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We Have An Announcement!

Kasey Fahey

When I wrote the post about Part II of Paris, I left out a HUGE piece because it deserved its own post. While we were there (and long before we even went there) Dustin had it all planned out to propose in the most romantic city in the world and WE'RE ENGAGED!

We were planning to wake up before sunrise to go to Trocadero to take some blog photos so we woke up early, got dressed up (as much as possible on 4 hours of sleep) and headed out to take some photos before the tourists took over. I should've known something was odd when he was concerned about my shoes, but I thought us going there was my idea so I really didn't suspect anything! He did tell me that he had made breakfast reservations for 7 am at a "recommended place" near where we were. I asked all about it (because it was food-related and I always do) but somehow let it go without too many questions to know it was made up!

He took a few photos of me and the Eiffel Tower and then we wanted to take one of both of us. After some drunk men stumbled by, he asked a random stranger if he could take a photo of us together. We walked over to a different spot and Dustin handed him his phone while we posed -- but instead he got on one knee and asked! It was then I realized that this wasn't just a random man taking a photo but instead was a hired professional photographer that he had been plotting with!

kasey fahey

Obviously, I said YES! We had a full engagement shoot after and these are two of the sneak peeks - the others have to be saved for future use, but they're great. It was all like a dream, including my ring, which is everything I would've picked myself. I literally could not have dreamed of a more perfect moment and am so thankful for such a thoughtful man to spend my life with!

Kasey Fahey

Or a more handsome wing-man below to also share life with!

kasey fahey

Now the wedding planning begins. Also now accepting any wedding suggestions, tips, tricks and anything of the like!



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