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Cheers to a New Year!

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Congratulations - we made it though 2016! For the world, it was a rough year and I still hold a heavy heart for parts of it. Personally, I had a wonderfully year, but more about that later. Now it's time to put away all your gifts and holiday decor & get down to business for 2017!

With each new year comes a fresh start to re-prioritize your life, desires & goals. Don't get me wrong, you can clearly do this on any date (and should if needed), but something about starting over on Jan. 1 makes it seem so much easier. Perhaps it's the time off from work relaxing after the holiday hustle? Or maybe it's that I always seem to move immediately after Christmas so I am forced to minimize, clean and reorganize everything I own? Last year was the first and only year that I didn't move within the following few weeks! Crazy, right? Either way, it's a great time to reflect on the things you love and want more of, new goals and things you want to change or do differently.

Last year for 2016, I accomplished all of my goals except one - I bet you can guess what that was since it seems to be everyone's every year! I listed them below in case you need some inspiration:

1. Full skin care and anti-aging routine

2. Promotion/raise

3. Eat organic

4. Launch The Beauty Bravado

5. Create savings, budget, retirement goals

6. Read more books

7. Join a young professional organization

8. Get legal documents in order (Wills, POAs, etc.)

9. Do yoga/get in better shape

Can you guess which one I slacked on? You got it, #9! I still count it as a win though because I crushed the other 8 goals and knew that would be the one to fall by the wayside if needed - to be fair, I did it somewhat! For the organization I joined, it was Skillcrush and I learned how to code and am now a certified Front End Developer and that was time consuming but rewarding.

This year, my goals have changed a bit, but I still kept them realistic and shared them below. They are building on last year's goals, which I still want to continue a few of them (eating organically, reading more, this blog! etc.)

1. Close on our house/finish & furnish it

2. Travel to Europe

3. Expand The Beauty Bravado

4. Get ready more often

5. Again, get in better shape

This year's goals are already in the works, and I think I can accomplish them in the beginning of the year, which is always a little more motivational. It's important to set realistic goals so you don't feel disappointed with yourself at the end of the year! What are you working on this year?



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