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Perfect Fall Nail Colors

OPI Fall Nail Colors

If there is one thing that makes or breaks your look (aside from eyebrows), it is most certainly nails. Dirty or chipped nails look incredibly sloppy and are a huge pet peeve of mine! Although, I am completely okay with not brushing my hair for a week - we all have our issues. Fall nail hues are my absolute favorite. I am also extremely biased toward only using OPI colors.

I used gel nail polish exclusively for 4 years straight and OPI lasted the longest by far. Truthfully, I won't even use anything else aside from the occasional Essie polish, which lasts almost as long! I rounded up all my favorite OPI shades that I love especially during the fall and winter.

From left to right, top to bottom:

1. You Don't Know Jacques!

2. Amore at the Grand Canal

3. Alpine Snow

4. Bubble Bath (this is a year-round favorite!)

5. Black Onyx

6. Lincoln Park After Dark

7. Midnight in Moscow

8. Stay Off the Lawn

9. Light My Sapphire

A very important rule of thumb is to use a base coat (always) but especially when you're using dark colors. I finally broke my addiction of going to get bi-weekly gel manicures. This Gelous base coat has really helped my at home manicure last 7-10 days! I layer that first and once dry, apply two coats of my favorite OPI polish above. I finish it off with an OPI Top Coat and viola! From time to time I also use this at home Gel Light and the polish that goes with it. It lasts at least a week as well but takes a bit longer to use.

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