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All About Eyebrows Tutorial

It seems that eyebrows are something people didn't put much thought into until the last 5 years or so. Having an awkward eyebrow stage is a rite of passage whether it was a unibrow or the extremely over-plucked look (I was the latter in jr high). In reality, they play a huge part of your face, and I hate seeing a full face of nicely done makeup and then undone brows - it looks so incomplete!

eyebrow tutorial

My undone eyebrow look with mascara and blush.

There are some rules of thumb for the shape of your brows. Eyebrows vary greatly from person to person - I don't have overwhelmingly large or straight ones. However the start, arch and finish should follow these basic guidelines:

Using a pencil or makeup brush, line it up with the side of your nose and that is where your brows should start.

Next holding it at the bottom of your nose and diagonally next to your pupil, that is where it should arch.

Finally still holding it at the bottom of your nose, line it up with the end corner of your eye and that is where it should end. Not all eyebrows fit this, but it is a general guide!

eyebrow tutorial

Now that you know the general shape they should be, you can clean them up by tweezing wild hairs around them and by using a spoolie to brush them upward.

eyebrow tutorial

After using the spoolie, I use small scissors to cut any hair standing up too high.

eyebrow tools

Now you're ready to fill them in! These are common tools that I use a mix and match of. We've mentioned the brush and the small scissors and the spoolie on the end of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Pencil. This is my absolute favorite brow pencil. At this point in the process, I use it to fill in my brows to the shape and density I like. Then I use the spoolie again to smooth them out. If needed, I use Anastasia Beverly Hills or Sumita powder to fill in any remaining spots. Lastly, I set them with the Anastasia Clear Brow Gel so they stay in place - like hairspray for your brows!

eyebrow tutorial

This is my finished look!

eyebrow tutorial

As far as maintenance, the most common practices are waxing, tweezing and threading. I am a huge fan of threading! I have honestly never even waxed my eyebrows. It is too easy for someone to mess up and I don't like that thought. Threading is done hair by hair. It is a bit more painful but it's so precise. I do a combination of that and tweezing myself between appointments. Again, I don't have overwhelming brows so I can maintain them easily myself!


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