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Shiny Mix LDW Sale

Shiny Mix has the cutest jewelry and is one of the best places to online shop for cute new accessories! In fact, it's the first place I look if I'm ever looking for something new (in addition to BaubleBar, which is also amazing). They are having a huge Labor Day Weekend sale with 50% off everything - Yes, 50% OFF using code LBD50! They always have free shipping, too. Here are some of the cutest finds:

Dazzle in Distress Earrings - now $13

Fancy Pancy Frost Bracelet - now $10

Pink Enamel Link Bracelet - now $12

Crystal Baubles Envy Bracelet - now $14

JetSet Jagger Ring - now $12.50

At the Bar Necklace- now $5

Ladder of Love Coral Necklace - now $16

Dynasty Bib Necklace - now $29

Showstopper Fringe Necklace - currently sold out

In the Light Ring - now $12.50

Flair Luxe Pearls Earrings - now $15

Caged Bird Ring - now $10


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