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Lasers Lasers Everywhere!

Makeup and masks are fantastic, but what about more permanent fixes that require a bit more work? While pain-free and economical beauty treatments are the best, we've followed our curiosity on some more intense beauty treatments and wanted to tell about it!

The Treatment: Laser Hair Removal

Lasers can be scary and are not for everyone, but for others they can be a dream come true. There are varying lasers for different skin-types, but overall we were told the best candidates for the most successful results are those with the combination of fairer skin and darker hair. This allows the laser to penetrate all the way down to damage the cells and eventually stop regrowth. There are many different kinds of lasers and we tried 2 different kind in 2 different areas at 2 different locations.

The first laser tested was the Alexandrite laser for a package of 9 treatments - 1 every 8 weeks. This laser is HOT and increases energy each time you go, so it is definitely not pain free; however, the pain is only during the process, which takes about 5 minutes. As of this month, we are on treatment 7/9 and could not be happier. Seriously, it's fantastic to not even have to think about shaving when you're getting ready #thelittlethings.

The second laser tested was the Motif type laser. It's a cooling laser, and they used ultra-sound gel so it is much less painful than the first option. We went to a private office so the treatment plan was different, and we are currently on 2 of 6. It has not worked quite as well as laser #1, BUT it barely feels like anything and we'll gladly take the trade pending what area you're doing!

The Verdict: Go For It!

Shaving, waxing, threading, Nair and all the other options work sometimes, but are still expensive in the long run, time-consuming & sometimes leave behind irritation. The best part of this is that you're basically hair-free during the entire process. It takes around 2 weeks for it to fall out and it 's gone until the week or two before your next appointment! Obviously, results vary per person, but this was truly life-changing.

While it's not for everyone (or even needed for everyone), laser hair removal is worth the investment if you have some extra money. There are many, many more beauty treatments out there, and we'll try as many as we can!

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