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May Birchbox Review

May Birchbox Review

This month's Birchbox was all about transitioning into the summertime! The box was a cute design that reminded me of a watercolor painting. I didn't love it as much as my April box, but they can't all be my favorite!

Cargo Blush and Bronzer Duo: Let me start by saying I love Cargo blush. For the summer months, I use it in the shade Bali because it is bright and fairly waterproof and sweat-resistant. This mini duo was very cute, but I hate shimmery bronzer and that is what the bronzer side was. The blush half was alright, but not a shade i would usually choose and I will continue using Bali instead.

Davroe Colour Repair Shampoo and Conditioner: The thought behind this is a good one; It is made to repair color-treated hair from the inside out with amino acids. However, I do not love the smell of this and that is equally important to me in hair care products. It seemed to work alright - but I would not spend $29 on the full-size version of it for a scent I don't love.

K-los Skincare Triple Threat Detox Masque: This was by far my favorite item in this box - I am a sucker for masks. It was a little strange that it contained cayenne pepper so it had a slight stinging when first applied, but it also has a lot of antioxidants, glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid. It felt nice and left my skin looking hydrated and happy - I think there are other masks I would choose over this one, but overall it was nice!

Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel for Body: I will preface that I have not tried this yet! I am holding on to it for those awful times after you go on vacation and tan really quickly and when you get home your skin starts peeling - that is THE WORST! So, I did not want to waste it on my current skin. That said, I love the concept of it. This is an acid-free peel that exfoliates for softer, smoother and brighter skin. It would be good to use before big events or even for a little extra TLC, but I am hanging on to it for the next emergency.

Supergoop! Sun Defying Sunscreen Oil with Meadowfoam SPF 50: I have said it before and will say it again - I am not a big fan of oils on my skin. (I wish I could write Birchbox a letter telling them that?!) I think it is from breaking out easily when I was younger, but I now have such disdain for it. However, sunscreen is important and this is a good way to moisturize while wearing it because it has a lot of skin-nourishing benefits. There are a lot of Supergoop! and Coola options for sunscreen that I do like; I tend to favor Coola products!

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