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Cozy Pajamas for Lounging

Majority of the time, you can find me wrapped up in a giant sweater and fur blanket on the couch - especially during the holidays and winter season. There is just no better feeling than being cozy and warm with hot cocoa and candles staring at the Christmas tree. Today I'm sharing some of my favorite holiday pj's for this holiday season.

1. Snow Day Pajamas (the snowflake knees are SO cute!)

2. Fleece lined Socks

3. Plaid Flannel Pants

4. Thermal Deer Pajamas (I am a sucker for all things with deer)

5. Embroidered Knit Slippers

6. Monogram Mug

7. Satin Shorts Set (so soft)

8. Faux Fur Blanket

9. Faux Fur Eye Mask

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